Mornington Pier – Sunday 30th January 2022

Divers: Victor, Elisabeth, Tim, Ben, Youri, Leo, Foti, Josh, Push, James, Nathan, Seb & Mark

Technical diving requires having your skills at the absolute peak of your ability for every dive. So, whenever we are looking at doing some deeper dives & we haven’t been in the water much recently, we always make sure we spend some time under the pier honing our skills. That is exactly what we did today. Every one had their own reason for being here today, but we all had a common goal, to improve our skills for an up coming dives. Surprisingly there weren’t any other divers at Mornington today, which is surprising given that the conditions were really good.   



Tim, Elisabeth Victor preparing to exit.

Seb, Nath, James & Mark about to descend.

The boys entering the water.





Pre dive briefing in preparation for 90 minutes in the water!



The boys about to descend.