Mornington Pier – Sunday 8th November 2020

Divers: Josh & Mark

The Surface Interval on my Shearwater read 131 days!!

It was great, just to be able to get back into the water again for a swim around. After the Government announcements today we should be  back to boat dives from next weekend onwards. Not to waste an opportunity to get the most out of our dive, both Josh & I had some equipment to sort out, Josh on the scooter & I had some camera/drysuit issues to sort out. The conditions were really good, although there were quite a few jelly fish about the viz was good the water very flat.
There were plenty of other divers taking advantage of the good weather & they all seemed very happy with themselves being back in the water.

Unfortunately, I do need to report that the amount of Northern Pacific Sea stars has increased over the shut down period.   



Sea Cucumber

Sea Horse

Shopping Trolly

Mornington Pier

Too many Sea Stars