Mornington Pier - Thursday 29th February 2024

Mornington Pier – Thursday 29th February 2024

Divers: Thomas & Mark

With the crazy forecast we’ve been getting lately, Thomas & I thought we’d take a punt & go for a dive at Mornington. Although conditions were almost perfect when we arrived, the mussel boat was tied up, cleaning down their latest catch, pumping out a brownish sludge that was darker than coffee. The one good thing about the mussel boat doing their cleaning was that the they also pumped the smaller mussels out into the water spreading them around the pier & thats good for the environment. Whats not good for the environment is the amount of Northern Pacific Sea Stars under the pier. I know that the numbers ebb & flow over time, but at the moment there are thousands of the little buggers under the pier. The brown sludge from the mussel boat didn’t have much of an impact our viz & we really enjoyed our dive.