North Wall Corner – Sunday 2nd July 2017

Divers: Giullian, Des, Leo, Josh & Mark

The dive conditions were perfect today as we steamed towards the Heads, North Wall Corner is close to the Heads. The plan was for each diver in the team to either try out new equipment, new procedures or just to consolidate what we have been practicing over the past months. The viz was about 8-10metres, the temperature was 13 degrees and with just a slight current our dive was very comfortable and cruzy. We first drifted to the north dropping down over the wall to our planned depth of 28 metres, then making our way back up the wall eventually making our way back over the top of the wall. Slack water ends and we are now turning to the south/east. At the end of our bottom time we send up our SMB and start our ascend. The area we had dived was quite spectacular and everyone on the dive agreed that this dive was well worth the effort.