Pioneer & J1 Sub – Saturday 8th July 2017

Divers: Giullian, Des, Leo, Simon, Ben, Youri, Mal, Jason, Warren, Andrew, Spike & Mark

The Pioneer was a Sand Dredge owned by Ports and Harbours, at 150 feet long she is not the largest ship in the graveyard, buy she is certainly is one of the more interesting dives. When to Pioneer was scuttled all of the drive machinery was removed for re use in Pioneer II, although there is still the operating equioment on board. At 46metres deep, the Pioneer is a technical dive requiring decompression, so we only have 20 minute bottom time which limits how much of the wreck we can cover in one dive. However, what we do cover is very interesting, it’s been maybe 10years or more since I last dived the Pioneer but it certainly wont be that long until I return to dive it again.
Of course the J1 Sub is an old favourite and always a great dive, but unfortunately for us we have course skills to complete and don’t have time to enjoy a swim through the sub – maybe next time.