Party Point & Portsea Hole - Sunday 28th March 2021

Party Point & Portsea Hole – Sunday 28th March 2021

Divers: Sebastien, Nathan, James & Mark  

Dive conditions were amazing as we entered the water today, our plan was to drop over the Wall down to 38metres & then to drift our way up to 21metres, & shoot our SMB and start our safety stops. The terrain was just amazing, and as we drift along the wall in an ‘all so mild’ current we can see that this area is going to take quite a few more dives to fully appreciate just how good this drift dive is. There is not one inch of this Wall dive that is not breathtakingly beautiful.
For our Portsea Hole dive, we chose to do a drift dive threw the Hole, not knowing what we would see, made for a very interesting ‘mystery’ dive. Some times the chance of finding some special is better than the guaranteed something nice to see dive.

Over all it has been a weekend to remember as far the diving goes & fingers crossed the good conditions continue over Easter.