Party Point – Sunday 21st June 2015

Divers:  Andrew & Mark

After such a fun dive yesterday Andrew & I decided to back up  for another dive today. The dive site was Party Point which had us excited, as it is very close to North Wall Corner & often is just as spectacular and today was to be no different. Dropping off over the wall we get out planned depth of 30 metres, although the tide was still ebbing, it was so gentle that we were able to easily swim against it to the north. A very exciting part of the wall with all the swim throughs, ledges, overhangs etc there’s plenty to see Horse Shoe Leather Jackets, Old Wives, Banded Morwongs, Seals and lots to keep us occupied and soon our bottom time has expired & it’s time to ascend to the surface. What a great dive & if all our plans go well we’ll be back again next week.