North Wall Corner - Saturday 20th June 2015

North Wall Corner – Saturday 20th June 2015

Divers:  Catherine, Giullian, Jason, Marty, Matt, Pete, Richard, Simon, Vinnie, Chris, Spike, Andrew & Mark

Aquability have been asked by Keith Quinton, a local historian & author to provide him with some information on the wreck site of the Goorangai for a book he is researching. Unfortunately the Goorangai is subject to shipping & very difficult to get to dive. We planned to dive it however it was not to be. Although our dive at North Wall Corner was quite spectacular, the viz was about 8-10 metres. I had a dive plan of 30metres & at this part of the wall was great, swim throughs, caves & lots of overhangs & ledges and the at the turn of the tide, to a flood, we were able to gentle drift to the north as we completed our safety stops.