Popes Eye & The Grotto - 31st December 2016

Popes Eye & The Grotto – 31st December 2016

Divers:  Luke, Madeleine, Adam, Pete, Nick & Mark

Our first dive of the day was Popes Eye, even though the tides now seem to play havoc with which way the currents run here now, it is always a great dive. We found a giant sized Octopus hiding in a crevice in the rocks and baby Cuttlefish swimming amongst the many Leather Jackets, Old Wives & Magpie Perch.
Our second dive was on The Grotto, where we were dropped was just a magnificent part of the Wall. We had all sorts of crevices, overhangs and gullies to swim through. The Blue Devils were out in force, and so were the Leather Jackets. Our bottom time ends all too soon and we shoot our SMBs and start our safety stops. Another great day of diving!!