Popes Eye & Sth Channel Fort - Saturday 9th April 2022

Popes Eye & Sth Channel Fort – Saturday 9th April 2022

Divers:  Sarah – Jane, Fergal, Millie, Kane, Philippe, David, Chamara, Sean, Guy, Mike, Alexander,  Tim & Mark

Standing on Portsea Pier we are having our dive briefing, we are also discussing just how lucky we are to be diving on a day when the conditions are just so great. Descending down the rocks that make up the ‘Eye’, the viz is about 6-7 metres and the temperature is a comfortable 16 degrees. One of the advantages of diving in a marine reserve, albeit the smallest one in the southern hemisphere, is the abundance of fish. Today is no exemption, no one is disappointed with our dive, even a massive Boarfish amongst others comes to greet us.

After our required surface interval, we do our second dive at Sth Channel Fort, amazingly the water temperature 21 degrees, 5 degrees warmer than Popes Eye! Once again the fish life is abundant & when, just as we are ending our dive, we find a Nudibranch, its smiles all round.