Portsea Hole & Dragons lair - Sunday 22nd March 2015

Portsea Hole & Dragons lair – Sunday 22nd March 2015

Divers:  Brad, Dimi, Matt, Glen, Annabella, Samantha, Nick, Jesse, Ross, Harrison, Maninder, Mark, Pete, Jim, Susan & Mark

Another great day for diving, the sun is shining, not much wind & the viz is OK. We dropped down the shot line onto the top of the wall, the fish life here was amazing, there was still a very slight current which allowed us to drift gently along the top of the wall until slack water arrived at which point we turned around swam back the other way. We could see the divers deeper down the wall looking under the ledges and in the crevices trying to get that one photo thats makes the dive a huge success, I hope they got it!
Our second dive of the day was Dragons Lair, I’d had a request to find a Weedy Sea Dragon and considering I’ve never found one here before, ever, I didn’t think we’d have much success. The long rolling swell meant there was quite a bit of surge on the bottom, which was enough to take everyones mind off finding a  Sea Dragon which was good for me. Not even Mark Robo could fine one today. However we did enjoy the dive and there was plenty to chat about over a few cold drinks back at aquability in the afternoon.