Portsea Hole – Saturday 28th March 2015

Divers:  Ian, Jen, Giullian, Scott, Mark, Vikki  & Mark

Unfortunately our planned dive on the Eliza Ramsden was scuttled by shipping, but with such good dive conditions, we were to have a great dive at Portsea Hole. We had not long arrived at the site & it was slack water. We were the first in the water and making the most of our time Giullian, Scott & I dropped down to 30 metres, then slowly making our way back up the wall we meet the others as they are poking around the reef. With plenty to see the cameras are flashing 19 to the dozen. With the turn in the tide we drift gently along the wall until we eventually run out of wall. Then it’s time to ascend, so we send a couple of SMBs to the surface to start our ascent. Of course, our priority, once we had surfaced, was to sort out lunch and having the experienced committee that we do, this decision was in very safe hands.