Portsea Hole & Popes Eye – 11th March 2017

Divers: Jason, Michelle, Brad, Will, Renee, Madhu, Josh, Vinnie, Gary  & Mark
Our first dive of the day was Portsea Hole, there was almost no current as we arrived at the site and with no other divers on the boat except us it was a very relaxing dive, with plenty of time and space to kit up and almost no current as we descended down the line. The vis was not as good as it has been otherwise, the dive conditions were perfect. OUr second dive was Pope’s Eye, with a Flood tide we dived the North East corner of the Eye. The fish life here was amazing we spent some time ‘just chilling’ on the bottom watching the fish swim around us. A giant Cuttlefish was just hanging around watching what we were doing, we had a Spotted Ray, Blue Throated Wrasse, Morwong, Sea Sweep, Leather Jackets, Globe Fish and Yellowtail as well as all sorts of invertebrates. One important lesson to remember when diving at sites like Popes Eye, as cute as these little fellows might look, they are wild creatures in a wild environment and need to be treated as such. Even if one swims up to you and looks like he wants to play – they can turn on you in a nano second 
, Leather Jackets have priors in this area!! – https://www.qld.gov.au/emergency/safety/dangerous-marine.html





Michelle & Jason