Portsea Hole & Quarantine Bay Drift - Sunday 19th April 2015

Portsea Hole & Quarantine Bay Drift – Sunday 19th April 2015

Divers: Matt, Ross, Nick, Sam, Jesse, Pete, Mark Robo, Dimi, Catherine, Scott, Glen, Travis, Luke & Mark

The weather has only got worse since yesterday so we have no hope of getting out to the J4 today, however the beauty of diving in Melbourne is that we always have another option when dive sites are blown out. The viz at Portsea Hole was about 10 metres and as we drop down the shot line the bottom comes into view almost immediately, we settle on the bottom before then dropping down the wall to 29 metres. Once we have ascended back to 16 metres we then drift along the wall slowly ascending up to 10 metres and incorporating our first safety stop into our bottom time. Although the surface is sloppy, under the water the conditions are very good.
Our second dive of the day is a drift dive, I know Boarfish Reef is usually considered more exciting as a drift dive than Quarantine Bay, that’s because Quarantine Bay generally just sand dunes. But what I like about Quarantine Bay is that you just never know what you will find as you drift through the dunes, crabs & banjo sharks are amongst the sealife we find, but also Dimmi found a really unusual beer bottle, one I haven’t seen before and I think it will be a bit of fun following up where it came from.