Portsea Hole – Saturday 24th March 2012

Visibility: 8m                       Water Temperature: 19 Degrees

Divers: Michael, Rebekah, Matt, Mark, Vikki, Ben, Andy, Paul, Mick & Mark

Anyone looking at the weather on Friday would be quite right in giving the weekend diving a second thought. But an experienced diver knows that the weather is always changing, and after studying the weather forecasts all week, we knew that we were going to get to dive, albeit not North Wall, as we were hoping. We hadn’t dived Portsea Hole for quite a while so I , for one, was quite happy to revisit this very popular dive site. There was a slight current running. It took us gently along the wall. As we hovered around the 18m mark we were fascinated with the variety of marine life. Crayfish, Blue Devils, Boarfish, a couple of Heart Urchins, Doughboy Scallops, Sea Snails and Seabiscuits were found along the wall and under the ledges along with a vast variety of Barnacles and Anemones. Just before we ended our dive, a lone Nudibranch caught my eye making its way along the sea bed. That is the great thing about diving….you never know what you are going to see!