Portsea Hole – Sunday 26th May 2013

Divers: Brad, Justin & Mark

Large swells once again foiled our attempts to dive the Graveyard, but we were determined to make the most of getting out of bed early on a cold winters day. Our first dive was a slack water dive at Portsea Hole unfortunately the tide was still running when we entered the water, however the viz was good and we were able to cover quite a bit of ground. We also wanted to brush up on some skills (which is why we are here) so we found a nice piece of sandy bottom & spent the last 10 minutes of our dive doing drills. Our second dive was a drift dive through Portsea Hole, this time we were hoping to get to 33metres so this was going to take some coordination. The boat dropped us 200 metres upstream of the hole, this gave us just enough time to get ourselves sorted out & descend down into the hole. The current was a good 2 knots was there is point trying to swim anywhere, we just go with the flow. We did mage to get to the bottom of the hole and back up the other side as well. Even though we are not in control of where the current takes us the dive was still an interesting dive with plenty to see, albeit not for long. Drift dives like these, in PPB, always have the thrill of not really knowing what’s coming up over the next sand dune, which for me makes it the action packed dive that it is.