Flinders Pier – Saturday 1st June 2013

Divers: Liz, Andrew, Dez, Marc & Mark

We stood at the end of Rye Pier & watched as the swell rolled in – we could dive in these conditions comfortably enough, however if the wind was to pick up any more then we would need to relocate. With the prediction being for stronger winds in the afternoon, our decision to drive to Flinders on this occasion was an easy one. Conditions could not have been better at Flinders, with oily flat water & 10 plus metres viz, the water temperature is still up around the 15degrees. We did 3 dives, the Weedy Sea Dragons where a bit scarce although we did manage to find a half a dozen or so. Juvenile Leather jackets were in abundance though and there were plenty of other fish about, with the crystal clear water even the people strolling the pier while eating their fish n chips could see the large sting ray as she swam between the pillions, the young kids would run along the jetty following this most graceful of creatures as she swam with us under the pier . We swam off the end of the jetty to the wreck & spent most of our last dive, poking in and around the decaying remains of a once fancy fishing boat.  The is still plenty of stainless steel, anchor chian & of course the engine block still in tact.