Portsea Hole – Sunday 2nd June 2013

Divers: Liz, Andrew, Dez, Marc, Phill & Mark

Portsea Hole is only a short distance off the pier which is lucky because it was standing room only as we made our way over to dive the Hole. The slack was at the end of a flood tide so the viz was as good as it could be, 8-10 metres. We were the last team in the water & we only had the slightest of residual current as we slid our way down the shot line, our plan was to dive to 28 metres & although all we saw at depth was sand we still all enjoyed the dive, because once we had ascended to 20 metres we in the middle of the reef which was teaming with fish life. The tide still had not turned yet, and even though we had sent up our SMB we still did not drift far from where we started to ascend.