Rye Pier – Saturday 19th March 2016

Divers:  Mark, Des, Giullian, Scott, Anna, Sara, Anita & Mark
Surface support: Vikki

With the down pour of rain yesterday we had no idea what to expect as far as dive conditions today. As it turned out the conditions were pretty good, the water was flat, no surge, viz was OK maybe 5-6 meters an the sun almost shone through. Cuttle Fish, Sea Horses, Leather Jackets and of course the giant Bull Rays – in fact all of the usual suspects – were out today. I was hoping with the weather cooling off there would be less divers about, but I think today there was possibly more divers than I have seen all summer. 

The young lady driving a RedBoats charter boat did an amazing job of manoeuvring her boat around a Dive Flag some one (read moron) had left 2 meters out from the Low Water. It’s great that divers use Dive Flags – but to leave a Dive Flag next to a Low Water is really stupid. Boats are not supposed to drive within about 100 meters of an ‘A’ Flag and to leave one at the only place on a jetty that a boat can pick up or put down passenger in unforgivable. Of course the person (read moron) that left the flag there will be the first to carry on when boat operators call for divers to be banned from such sites. 


Photos of Giullian by Scott.




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