Rye Pier – Sunday 14th January 2018

Divers: Fred, Michael, Dale, Xavier, Myles, Lachlan, Neil, Brooke, Yasmin, Nic & Mark

Even I was surprised when I arrived at the pier this morning to such fantastic conditions, I thought yesterdays rain would have had more of an impact on the viz, but we had a very pleasing 6-7 metres. With the water temperature at 20 degrees and oily flat water, this was as good as it gets. First up we get a visit from ‘Stumpy’ the resident Bull Ray, there was plenty of fish life about and almost as many photographers, I think they would have got plenty of great photos! On our second dive we spent some time under the pier, we has several visits from a friend of Stumpy’s who didn’t seem to care too much about the fact that we were swimming under pier & he just simply swam straight over us. The last few weekends have had diving outside the heads cancelled due to large swell, however the long range forecast for next weekend looks promising so heres hoping!