South Channel Fort - Saturday 20th January 2018

South Channel Fort – Saturday 20th January 2018

Divers:  Dale, Xavier, Myles, Lachlan, Brooke, Yasman, Nic & Mark

With the swell still up outside we had to amend our plan to dive Dragon’s Lair and instead we opted for South Channel Fort. After descending down the slope we complete our required skills before moving off for a tour, first we swim to the east and then back to the west, we are amazed at the amount of fish life under the jetty. From 15m below we look up towards the surface where we are amazed by the many schools of fish swimming above us. Swimming in and out of the pylons we become part the menagerie that is this fantastic under water world. Several Cuttlefish are the stars of the show, although they have plenty supporting performers. The conditions here are so good we decide to cancel our plan to dive Pope’s Eye and choose instead to do another dive at the the Fort. We are not disappointed as our second dive is at least as good if not better than our first. With 21degree water and 7-9 metre viz and slack water coming on allowing us to swim around the the north of the fort, the diving today is as good as it gets.