Rye Pier – Sunday 14th March 2021

Divers: Shane, Alicia, Andy, Nick, Sam, Tim & Mark

 What a beautiful morning it was this morning, and you know what, it doesn’t matter how early you arrive at Rye Pier there will already be divers in the water – those photographers are a keen lot.

Visibility was always a concern after yesterdays rain & although is was not as good as it has been, but at about 6-8 metres it was certainly very acceptable. Apart from the viz the conditions were perfect, the 20 knot southerly was off shore and absolutely no effect, the autumn sun shined & kept the temperature very comfortable. The Smooth Back Bull rays stayed in the shallows, but still, there was plenty of other fish life to keep us (and many other divers) occupied. Then just in the very last couple of seconds of the dive Alicia & I find a SeaHorse :).        



Rye at Sun Rise

Rays at Rye