Rye Pier – Sunday 2nd May 2021

Divers: Ruby, Tran, Russell, Shahni, Shane, Nick, Alicia, Tim & Jeremie

Wow, what a great day for diving, light winds, great viz & 28 degrees, with the sun shining!! Which is why I was surprised there weren’t more divers here today?
There was an abundance of fish in the clear blue water & the group were keen to extend the adventure, to see what they could find. Our tour was most enjoyable & this is defiantly a site that needs to be dived time and time again, just because you just never do know what it will unveil.       




Ruby, ready for the next adventure 🙂

Tran, from the mountain to the sea!

Russell, always up for an adventure!!!

Rye Pier, at its absolute best 🙂