Standard Dress Dive, Rye Pier - Sunday 7th May 2017

Standard Dress Dive, Rye Pier – Sunday 7th May 2017

Divers: Dave, Giullian, Pete P, Rus, Josh, Alan, Pete & Warren
Tenders: Youri, John, Ben & Mark
Support Divers: Luke, Glen & Tony

Standard Dress diving always attracts a crowd at the pier, watching on as the tenders ‘dress’ the diver in the traditional dive gear has that old time romantic feel to it. The older ones remembering the early films like ‘Below the Sea’ and ‘Vengeance of the Deep’  and the young kids are amazed by the equipment & love having their photo taken with the helmet held in position by mum or dad. Of course we as divers love it as well, not only the attention we receive whilst kitting up or the ‘Hero’ photo that every diver wants with the helmet sitting in their lap, but diving in the equipment that was in deed the start of mankind being able to spend extended time under water. The Historical Diving Society AusPac run a Rally in Portland every year, where divers can dive an array of classic equipment, both Standard Dress and twin hose regulators, Frank Zeigler also runs a Standard Dress course in conjunction with the rally. Aquability also run a Standard Dress course, we are one of very shops world wide that run a course where the participants receive a Certification Card in Standard Dress, we have divers from all around Australia wanting to do the course. We also run dive days once or twice a year where our students and others can dive and experience the thrill of old time diving.