Sth Channel Fort & Portsea Hole - Saturday 21st March 2020

Sth Channel Fort & Portsea Hole – Saturday 21st March 2020

Divers: John, Samara, Sahil, Zach, Miriam, Lachlan, Jaynelle, Brad, Sam  & Mark

After last weeks dives at Flinders Pier, in poor viz, anything we get today will be fine. With the tide ebbing and a 2m swell at the Heads, we chose the Fort as our best option. Descending down the rocks to the west of the jetty, we adjust our buoyancy and set our selves for a pleasant swim around the jetty pylons and then back around to the northern side of the Fort. This dive puts us in good stead for our Portsea Hole dive, which can be challenging at times. Once the tides drops away to almost nothing we enter the water and descend down shot line. The viz is about 10m, we follow the directions given to us in the site briefing and swim in a north easterly direction, this brings us to apart of the wall, which we follow swimming in to a gentle current. The fish life is amazing and jus as the current start to pick up it’s time to end our dive.




Sahil & Zach

Jetty Pylons