Mornington Pier – Sunday 29th March 2020

Divers: Rebecca, Prash, Pia & Mark

In these crazy times we are experiencing, its great that we are still able to get out and go for a relaxing dive. Unfortunately, with all of the ‘keyboard warriors’ out there wanting to criticise anyone & everyone for just about anything – the charter boats have decided it’s easier not to run, even though they are permitted to, rather than have to deal with these people. The atmosphere at Mornington Pier was very positive, the fisherman were fishing, the walkers were walking & the cafe was doing its best to make a quid – of course everyone was being responsible and doing the right thing with social distancing etc. And, they were all have a great time!! (gets off soap box)
The dive was great, 5-7m viz and 20 degree water. The fish life was out in force, lots and lots of fish under the pier & a big school of King Fish at the very end of the pier. Unfortunately for the fisherman they didn’t know that. The tide was ebbing and this meant there was quite a bit of current at the very end of the pier, which meant not swimming on the outside, but that was fine with us. We certainly had enough on the inside to keep us happy.

The large Brevicaudata (Smooth Rays) were even out for a play, with 2 or 3 of them constantly swimming past us. One very positive thing to come out of todays dive was the fact that there were no Northern Pacific Sea Stars – at all!! But, there were plenty of the indigenous 11 Arm Sea Stars!!

The wind had been picking up to a strong northerly from about 8.00am this morning & by the time we finished our dive we could see the effects of the wind on the water’s surface. But we were well out before there was any sort of impact on the bottom conditions. All in all a very fun and relaxing dive.



‘Stumpy’ well know to divers for many years.

Fantastic – 11 Armed Sea Stars in control.

As sign of the times – empty shopping trolley.



King Fish

Smooth Ray

11 Arm Sea Star