TSS Coramba – Sunday 10th March 2013

Divers: Danny, Brenden, Youri, Karl, Richard, Ben, Martin, Steve & Mark
Surface crew: Justin, Dazza, Tim & Jonathan

In almost perfect conditions we headed out of Western Port to start our adventure. We have two big dives on this Labour Day weekend, today is the first of the dives and all onboard are pumped up and ready to go. We have a 2 hour boat trip out to the site and this gives us plenty of time to prepare. We start by having breakfast; Ben cooks up a treat of Bacon & Egg sandwiches and coffee. Now we are ready to get to work, first job is to set up the shot line – it’s important to get this right, if the shot is not on the wreck then we’ve all blown $300 worth of gas & wasted a perfectly good dive day. With 90 minutes of deco to do we use a Deco Station for the divers in the water to hang on to. This keeps all of the divers together and is also more relaxing for the divers. Once the deco station is set and each person has been allocated a task to help the deployment of the entire system run smoothly, which in most cases it does. Each individual diver has to have his equipment  brought up from below and stowed in a suitable position on deck, the support crew are well versed at this and know exactly where to place the gear.  Each dive team has a job to do in the water & mine is to shoot some video of the wreck, unfortunately my camera doesn’t work but that’s all just apart of what we do and if don’t have a sense of humour then you shouldn’t take on underwater photography!!  The dive has gone well and all divers are now on their way back to the surface, the deco station is unclipped from the shot line and our drifting in the mild current begins. Once back on board the team share their experience with the surface crew and stories are swapped amongst the divers – the Coramba will never be a dive that doesn’t excite even the most hardened of deep wreck divers!!