Uralba – Sunday 6th September 20015

Divers: Ben, Nick & Youri
Surface support: John Lawler
The weather looked great on Sunday, although the wind would pick up in the afternoon. So we decided to leave a bit earlier to ensure we would be back before the weather turned on us.
Target of the day: the Uralba,  a wooden hulled single screw steamer. In fact it was the last wooden coal burner built in Australia.  The Uralba now lies on a silty bottom in 18 meters of water. Lying next to the Uralba on the starboard side about midships is a small steel vessel, sunk at the same time. None of us had dived the site before, apart from our skipper John who shared his experiencen with us, which helped us a lot in planning the dive. Thanks John!
The viz was not great, but still we got around 3 meters. We spend 25 minutes on the wreck swimming to the bow, which sits up really nice and is quite eerie when you look at it from a bit of distance. Then off to the stern passing the small vessel next to the Uralba. And finally back to the shot line for the ascend. Back on the boat we were all wondering why we never dived this amazing wreck before.
On the way back we ran over some other targets in the bay to prepare for our next adventure. I am still amazed that there are so many wonderful dive sites for me to discover inside the bay.