??????? – Saturday 6th September 2014

Divers: Ben, Steve, Mick & Mark

For the past 15 years we have dived a site which has been know as the Albert, a sailing ship. I have dived it twice in that time and the the best viz I have ever had on it was about a metre. Last Saturday we dived it again this time with 15metre viz and of course the sea conditions were perfect as they have been for weeks now, one of our objectives was to measure the length of the ship to confirm that it is in fact the Albert. The Albert was a 70 foot Ketch, this site measured out to to be about 150 foot long, almost twice as long as the Albert. So obviously it is not the Albert – there are several other sailing ship missing in the Graveyard area so work will need to continue on identifying which ship this is. It always good to get a result with work like this, it gives a real purpose for the dive and also adds to the general pool of knowledge. Over the years, Aquability divers have been working on several projects to help identify the Graveyard Wrecks and one by one we are ticking them off. We now know that this site is not the Albert – so where is the Albert?? Stay tuned………
Of course doing these dives is very satisfying on its own, however to surface at the end of the dive and have at least 50 dolphins swimming around the boat was very exciting, but more so when a whale surfaced about 200 metres in front of us, followed by another 2 whales off in the distance!! That really makes for a good days diving.