Milora – Sunday 7th September

Divers: Paul, Simone, Nick, Ben and Youri

The weather has been very kind to us the last couple of weekends and hence the expectations were very high. We set out to do the Milora followed by the J4. Flat sees and 15m viz, it was a cracker of a day on the water.
When we descended on the Milora we found out that the shot was not on the wreck but thanks to Paul and Simone who ran a line from the shot to the wreck, we didn’t lose much time locating her and we could maximize our time exploring. The Milora has lots to show and has some nice swim throughs. It was Nicks first 40m dive after he finished his Deep course and I am sure he enjoyed it. We used the remaining gas to poke around in the J4, although it was a bit surgy it was a really nice dive to finish off.
After that we went for coffee and cake at queenscliff to discuss the next dives. We did not see dolphins or whales but it was a beautiful day on and in the water.