Wareatea and Coogee – Saturday 1st March

Divers: Paul, Warren, Tim, Peter, Chris E & Youri

Aim for today: Wareatea and Coogee. After a nice boat ride (at least for some people) we finally arrived at the site. The viz was not that great whilst descending but luckily it cleared up at the bottom. The Wareatea is always nice to dive, there is still plenty of structure to look at. By the time we did a full tour of the wreck it was time to ascend again. With the left over gas we did a nice dive on the Coogee. Again the viz was good and there was plenty of fish on the wreck. One of them was not happy with me pointing at it , so it started to bite my finger.
Finished the day with a coffee in Queenscliff while reflecting on 2 excellent dives and start planning the next ones.