Coogee & J4 Sub – Sunday 2nd March

Divers: Julie, Brendan, Jim, Mick, Daniel & Mark

Once again the early start brings good diving conditions, flat seas, warm sun, good viz & no current!! Although we didn’t get to see much of the wreck, most of our time was spent at the bow running lines in preparation for our next dive which was to be the a penetration into the sub, it was a great dive and enjoyed by all. Which is more than I can say for the disaster that was the J4 Sub dive, 2m waves, low viz & strong surge meant we had to abandon our plan of a penetration dive, although another dive team did enter the sub, we thought it was too dangerous and decided that we would wait until the conditions were a bit more suitable for the dive. Frustrated that we didn’t get to do our dive we sat in the pub, have a cold beer, content in the fact that we made the right call & all agreeing that it will be more enjoyable in better dive conditions anyway.