White Pine – Sunday 13th August 2017

Divers: Ben, Jason, Youri, Spike, Mal, Simon, Des & Mark

We had some magnetometer intel on a hit some where in between the Casablanca & the White Pine, so the plan was to check out the mag hit, if we find some thing, dive it, or otherwise, we would dive the White Pine. We did get a small blimp on the sounder but not good enough to dive the site. We need to spend some more time checking a bit further out to make sure that there isn’t something more substantial before we get into the water.
The White Pine was an iron sailing ship, which means you don’t get an engine or boilers, however there is always some thing interesting on every wreck and the White Pine is no different. There is plenty to see on this site, deck winches, hawser pipes, an anchor and even some timber decking. Todays dive conditions were great, considering the winds lately the seas were quite flat, the viz was about 5-10m, although quite dark at 57m. Redbaots are running several grave yard wrecks over the next few weeks, so anyone interested in technical wreck diving now is the time to put your hand up for a dive.

White Pine video.