AIMA/NAS Part 1 - Sat 15th & Sun 16th June 2019

AIMA/NAS Part 1 – Sat 15th & Sun 16th June 2019

Participants: Maureen, Robert, Pete, Daren, Anton, Foti, Josh, Paul, Joe, Kane.

The Australian Institute of Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) run a set of courses in Maritime Archaeology. The Part 1 is a basic level course that introduces the SCUBA diver to the world of Maritime Archaeology. It covers such areas as What is Archaeology , Basic Maritime Archaeological Principals, Maritime Archaeological Techniques, Basic Survey Techniques and many more. The participants, also receive one years membership to the Maritime Archaeology Association of Victoria (MAAV), as members of the MAAV, all sorts of opportunities will open up to them in regard to working on local projects. Most of the divers are already working on SOE’s Longshot Project and now the door will open on many more wreck projects.