Blairgowrie Pier - Saturday 17th October 2015

Blairgowrie Pier – Saturday 17th October 2015

With sunny skies and flat seas, Blairgowrie was looking to be another great dive. After buddy checks we walked down the pier to the lower landing. We entered with a giant stride and after weight checks and adjustments we headed out under the pier. There has been a lot of dredging lately and the sand has been dumped under the wall to improve the breakwater, unfortunately this doesn’t improve the diving. I am sure the scenery will improve over the coming weeks as the water continues to get warmer. After completing the required skills, we found an iPhone and a snorkel in 4 metres. Swimming along the breakwater wall, we were treated to a giant Eagle Ray feasting on a crab. We also spotted Globe Fish, Cow Fish, numerous varieties of Leatherjackets, Pigmy Leatherjackets, Nudibranchs, baby Rays and a Pigmy Seahorse. We did two 45 minute dives here today without hoods, the water was 16 deg C and visibility was 10 metres. After the dives we went to the Blairgowrie Café for lunch and to complete log books and paper work.

Congratulations Craig on becoming a PADI Open Water Diver and welcome to the world of underwater adventure.