Coogee & J4 Sub - Saturday 17th October 2015

Coogee & J4 Sub – Saturday 17th October 2015

Divers:  Glen, Luke, Michael, Ian, Simon, Vinnie & Mark

After a winter that never really delivered what it promised as far as viz goes, what fantastic diving conditions Spring has produced so far. The sun was just breaking through, flat seas and 20 plus metres viz on the Coogee. The stern of the Coogee is a photographers dream in these conditions, we swim off a few metres to the side so we can see the entire stern. The J4 dive was even better, we can see the sub from 5 metres. Although there is a slight rolling swell, swimming through the sub is very comfortable, we swim through the sub to the bulk head, squeezing through the bulkhead hatches as we make our way to the exit hatch at the very rear of the sub. When our bottom time is up we shoot a SMB and start out ascent, the water temperature is 14 degrees and it amazing just how much difference that 2 degrees makes!!