Canberra & J4 Sub - Saturday 18th March 2023

Canberra & J4 Sub – Saturday 18th March 2023

Divers: Guy, Kane, Stephen, Pete, Liam, Calvin and Mark.

This was the never ending Wreck course, time and time again we had our dives cancelled, most of the time for what appeared to be not much of a reason? So when the wind forecast was ‘very strong’ I thought oh no, not again! But with a little bit of lateral thinking, we were picked up from Sorrento Boat Ramp & not Portsea Pier. With the strong northerly, there was a bit of surface slop as we motored out through the heads, but once out, the conditions were great, the viz was 10-15 metres & the water temperature was 16 degrees. Even the Canberra, which is normally very surgy, was very pleasant to dive & the J4, a real favourite for wreck divers, was at its absolute best!