Mothers Beach, Mornington - Sunday 12th March 2023

Mothers Beach, Mornington – Sunday 12th March 2023

Divers: Fiona, Sarah, Sean, James, Calvin and Mark.

The sun had only been up for a couple of hours as we drove in to the carpark of Mornington Yacht Club. It was nice that the weather was overcast, because we are going to spend 8 hours running in & out of the water, so overcast is going to be very comfortable. The water is dead flat & the viz is very good – just what you want for a Rescue course. There was a sailing Regatta on for the girls & boys of the local sailing clubs, & fortunately for us, the young ones are very good at handling their boats, as they zig zag around us running our rescues. After over 8 hours in the water we finally get all our skills completed & it’s time to pack up & go home for a well earned rest.