Captain Nitros Dropoff – 21st July 2013

The weather was never going to allow us to dive the graveyard, but as always if you want to dive you can make it happen, and we really did want to dive. So at 8.30am Sunday morning the text messages where running hot trying to find a solution to our diving. Shipping knocks out quite a few of the Slack water sites and the swell needs to be allowed for as well. However, even with all of that against us we still managed to get in a great dive on Captain Nitros, with the viz at 8-10 metres and the water temperature not too cold (I was too scared to look at the exact temp) our plan was to drop to the bottom of the wall, which was about 55 metres. Although the top 30 metres of wall at the southern end is a fantastic dive, the wall does get very interesting down deep as well and with the correct amount of helium in our mix our heads were clear enough to enjoy the view. The Ebb tide meant we could not spend as much time as we wanted to on the bottom and we soon have to start our ascent, which takes us up and over the top of the wall so we get to see top wall as well as we drift along completing our decompression. Hopefully the weather will be kinder to us next week!!