Werfa – 27th July 2013

Divers: Mike, Tim, Paul, Chris, Youri, George & Mark

Our plan to dive the Coramba had be thwarted by the weather, however a quick trip out to the Werfa should have us back at the jetty before the strong winds predicted for the afternoon came in. It is always a gamble with the weather in Melbourne, however this time it came off for us. The overcast day meant we did not have much ambient light, so the entire dive was done by torch light, although adding to the stress of the divers it did make for an interesting dive and I think sometimes you see more when diving by torch light because you focus more on what you are seeing. The Werfa is one of those sites that does not get dived much, in fact it was not even in the boats GPS & had to be added in on the trip out. The ship was converted into a Coal Hulk & therefore there is not a lot left of her, however the stern is still intact and very spectacular with its elliptical, counter levered stern and the rudder still in situ. So most of our dive was spent at the stern & in fact looking back every time I dive the Werfa I seem to only dive the stern, so next time I dive her I need to make sure I get to the bow, because I don’t even remember what to bow looks like it’s been so long since I did it! Our dive went well and my team all thought it was one of the better graveyard dives that they have done, so I’m sure next time it’s on the scheduled there’ll defiantly be a couple of starters for sure.