Casablanca – Sunday 17th February 2013

Deep Dark Scary Divers – Brenden, Danny, Darren, George, Mark, Youri & Puspendu
Depth – 56m Total Runtime – 70 mins

Casablanca was a three masted iron barque built in Liverpool, UK in 1868, for the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand, Ltd., and later sold to Melbourne Steamship Company Ltd., Melbourne. It was scuttled in Ships Graveyard, Commonwealth Area No.3, Bass Strait in 1950. We kitted up at the break of dawn when some of us were still waking up. The forecast of the day was bright, sunny and warm. The visibility was 30+ of clear blue water when we started the descent but around 40m it turned dark. We ended up having 10+m visibility on the wreck. This wreck has been known to have such visibility so was no surprise to us.
The three masts are still on the wreck and they are lying on the starboard side. The bow has broken inwards and is sitting with its tip pointing up. Some sort of a gear or wheel was lying in midships. The stern still had the helm of the ship and is the attraction of this wreck. After 20+mins we started our slow ascent and multiple decompression stops to the surface. Divers were now wide awake after this great dive.As usual we finished the day with a great brunch at Smashing Beans.