Mordialloc Pier - Saturday 9th January 2013

Mordialloc Pier – Saturday 9th January 2013

Visibility: 12m                  Water Temperature: 24° (Unbelievable, but true!)
Divers: Trevor, Jan, Em, Bek, Vinnie, Bill, Phil, Ian, Mike, Lisa, Mark, Vikki
Surface Crew: Barb, Denis

The sun was shining and the fish were biting (or you would think so by the amount of fisherpeople on the pier). When we are diving under any pier, we are conscious of fishing line and how easy it is to get entangled, but at Mordy pier, it is more important than ever to stay under the pier because of the boat traffic from the adjacent creek. It was unusually good vis for Mordy pier and here was no current, so unlike the last time we dived this site, conditions were ideal. With large schools of fish, sightings of Seahorses and Blennies nibbling at diver’s hands, everyone really enjoyed their dive. I found some really lovely shells as well as managing to pick up a mobile phone, some bangles, a bracelet, some earrings and pearl necklace (alas, not real), while Mike collected some golf balls for Mark, hoping that some new golf balls might improve his game J. It was great to get back to Aquability after the dive for a sausage sizzle and to catch up with everyone.
Photos by Bek Booth.


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