Coogee and J4 Sub double dive - Saturday 17th March 2018

Coogee and J4 Sub double dive – Saturday 17th March 2018

Divers: Alex, Jim, Paul, Chris, Leo, Gary & Andrew
Surface support: Anthony

The already light winds seem to have totally stopped as we walked up Portsea Pier. As a result the water was oily flat. Just amazing. And there was a sense of excitement as we loaded the boat for our double wreck dive. For some us it was our very first wreck dive and for others it was an opportunity to practice skills and have some fun in the water. The 3 teams descended on the shot line and we were pleased to see the bottom of the shot line squarely on the Coogee. With 15m+ viz we could actually see the wreck as we were approaching her. It also gave us plenty of opportunity to explore the wreck before we had to start our ascent. We spent our surface interval on the boat sharing cake, comparing notes on the dive we completed and turning our minds to the dive to come. After an hour on the boat we geared back up and headed for the J4. The northerly winds had picked up a bit but a little bit of swell wasn’t going to bother us. The condition on the bottom were still very good and there was plenty to see on the outside of the J4 sub. The current made us work a little harder on this dive but it was worth it. Back on the boat we had the inevitable conversation about a post-dive lunch. And of course the next wreck dive.