Mornington Pier – Saturday 1st March

Divers: Keith, Ben, Andrew & Mark

We turned into the carpark to see dead flat water and plenty of carparks, so we were off to a good start, unfortunately the viz was not that great, about 4 metres max. but the water temperature was 20 degrees. There are 2 Jack Up barges and a couple of boats tried up along side the pier which need to be negotiated as you swim out. So what we did was to swim inside of the pier, between the rock wall & the concrete breakwater. This worked well for us, as it kept us out of the way of the fisherman. The current continually pushed us south, so we needed to swim back to our swim through point, but apart from that the conditions were good. We did 108 minutes in the water and the time went very quickly and although we were doing skills there were still plenty of fish life about. If you want to dive at Mornington during the week just remember the workers will be there and that you will need to work around them. But one thing is for sure there will be some nice bottles come out there over the next few weeks :).