Devils Dropoff - Saturday 27th February 2016

Devils Dropoff – Saturday 27th February 2016

Divers:   Andrew, Anita, Des, Andrew, Dimi, Chris, Glen, Mark, Robert, Simon, Vinnie, Bert, James, Michelle, Sarah, Tim, Jillian, Jennifer, Giullian, Scott & Mark

We had a very unusual Slack water today, it never really seemed to stop flowing? What a great dive this was, we were first into the water and made our way over to the top of the wall. Descending down to our planned depth (39m) we have all sorts of ledges, crevices, overhangs etc below us. All too soon our bottom time is up and we start our ascent, a flurry of SMBs hit the surface as we drift in the current while completing our safety stops.