Don Diego – Saturday 28th April 2018

Team:  Giullian, Simon, Youri, Ben & Mark

The Victorian Ships Graveyard is a work in progress. With limited records from the time, we do the best we can to identify each site with the little information we have. In 2006 we located a site which at the time we believed to be the Don Diego, however, with the fulness of time, we now think this may not be the case. Work is proceeding to qualify the facts and hopefully we will be able to get a good ID on this site. With the opportunity to dive the graveyard being limited over the past 18 months, it was a nice surprise to get out to do a graveyard dive. Todays mission was to measure the length of this site. Conditions were great as we descended to the 70m below, although the viz was great, maybe 20 plus meters, the lack of natural sun light meant vision was limited to the beam of our torches. Working in our teams as per our pre dive briefing, we are able to maximise the limited time we have at 70m. Our ascent takes 80 minutes and this gives us plenty of time reflect on our dive, the one take away for all of us on this dive today is that diving, but in particular tech diving, it requires being ‘current’ with your skills! 


Don Diego?

Bow – Don Diego

Don Diego