Dragon’s Lair & Portsea Hole - Saturday 20th December 2014

Dragon’s Lair & Portsea Hole – Saturday 20th December 2014

Divers: Blair, Lyndal, Nico, Giullian, Ian, Bruce & Mark

Dragon’s Lair was always going to be surgy with the swells coming through, although the viz was good and we did find an Epaulet Shark and it made for a good shake down dive for our last and highlight dive, Portsea Hole. By the time we got into the water (last group) the shot line had been pulled off the wall and was in 30 metres of water, if it hadn’t been for the 20 metre viz we wouldn’t have been able to see the wall at all. As it was, we were able to drop to 16 metres, let go of the line & swim over to the wall, easy. The tide had turned to a gentle ebb and we drifted westward along the wall, plenty to see – Leather Jackets, Blue Devils, Old Wives all the usual suspects. Some of saw a seal, I had to wait until we surfaced to see the seal but at least those that did see it were now believed?? We have come to the end of the wall and started drifting along the sea bed, not much to see really but we it was clear, warm & easy so we continued on. Three minutes before our bottom time is up a Giant Ray comes to join us for a minute or two & then thats it, time to surface. We stopped off at the Diner in Rye, our new choice of food venue – foods great, beers cold & they split the bill!!