J5 Sub – Sunday 5th May 2024

Divers: Youri, Paul, Tim, Josh, Jim, Vaughn & Mark

Surface Crew: Geoff

“never before, have so many, owed so much, to so few” – Geoff Nayler & Jim Anderson were good mates & dive buddies in the 1970s, it was these two guys along with their other dive friends that discovered & dived many of the wrecks in the Ships Graveyard, including the J Class Subs. They first dived the J2 Sub on 10th February 1974 & then the J2 Sub on 4th May 1974. Today, we dived the J2 Sub with Vaughn Nayler (Geoff’s son) 50 years after after Geoff & Jim dived it. Having Geoff on board was a real thrill for the team & talking to Geoff about diving back in the day had all of us very thankful of the equipment we have today, including electronic chart plotters, GPS & sonar.
The weather could not have better, blue skies with no wind, the viz was about 10-12 metres & the water temperature was 17 degrees.


J5 Sub



The Aquability dive crew with Geoff & Vaughn

Bulk Head in J5 Sub

Geoff & Vaughn Nayler

J5 Conning Tower