Euro – Sunday 17th December 2023

Divers: Ben, Youri, Simon, Susan, Weng, Chris, Josh, Ian, Bas  & Mark

another amazing day out on the water today, the large swells just kept rolling in, the boat rising and falling as they passed underneath us. The Euro was a Tug Boat, so its quite small, but there is plenty to see, Bas & I dropped down through the rear deck, swimming along the Port side of the boat we pass the two toilets on our left, we then spend some time at the triple expansion engine, before crossing over the the starboard side to get past the boiler. There is a 3 x 2metre hole in the side where the explosives where detonated in the scuttling of the boat. Finally we are under the bow deck, here there a several hatch’s giving us access to the deck. One feature of the Euro is the anchor that was dropped down through the hatch & used to tow the vessel.