Flinders Jetty – Saturday 17th March 2012

Visibility: Fantastic!!       Water Temperature: 19 Degrees


Divers: Ian, Phil, Leo, Louis, Mark, Vikki
Surface Crew: Barb


Today we were hoping that we might discover the nursery for the baby Seadragons. Unfortunately we didn’t find the nursery, but we did notice that the Seadragons were no longer carrying their eggs and that there were quite a few large-ish juveniles. All was not lost…..we did find a school of baby Rock Flathead!  The vis was fabulous and there was no current. The last few times that we have dived here the vis has been great, making it much easier to observe the huge variety of marine life here. We saw all the usuals; Seadragons in large numbers, Ornate Cowfish, Goatfish, Southern Pygmy Leatherjacket, Globefish and King George Whiting. A large Eagle Ray, and a couple of Port Jacksons  were great to see. I’m pretty sure that I saw a Draughtboard Shark….I may be mistaken, but I did get close enough to think that it wasn’t a Port Jackson…..either way, we had a terrific dive and a lovely lunch at the Red Hill bakery.

P.S. When you dive at Flinders Jetty, take the time to look at the pylons. They are full of life and beautiful colours.